High performance rf cable
(1) talent concept
Virtue comes first, result oriented
1. Choose to view
Moral integrity and ability, moral first; Merit-based, results-oriented.
2. The concept of yucai
Teach students according to their aptitude, the tutorial system and the department manager system.
Know the right person and do the right thing; People make the best of their abilities.
4. The retention
Salary and fortune keep people, platform keep people, opportunity keep people, culture keep people.
(2) training and growth
Anshengda attaches great importance to staff training and development, hoping to give each employee a better space for development. For every new employee, anshengda will carry out induction training, including the company's products and structure, department situation, financial reimbursement, corporate culture, etc., to help new employees get to know the company faster and integrate into the company.
After the induction training, new employees immediately enter the department. The company's mature tutorial system ensures that each employee has his or her own mentor. The mentor or department manager will help new employees quickly get familiar with the company's system and workflow, integrate into the department and carry out work smoothly.
(3) remuneration and welfare
Anshengda is committed to providing employees with competitive salaries in the industry and a series of employee benefits to balance their work and life.
1. Salary and bonus
Anshengda determines the salary level of employees according to their positions and abilities, and conducts salary adjustment timely; According to the performance of employees, provide various process incentive bonuses within the year, and issue year-end bonuses according to the organizational performance and individual performance.
2. Employee benefits
Anshengda provides employees with five insurances (pension, medical care, industrial injury, unemployment, childbirth) and one fund (housing provident fund), as well as communication subsidies.
Anshengda provides dormitory for employees. It does not take buses or subways to commute to work. It is easy, comfortable and convenient.
Anshengda strictly abides by the relevant national regulations on holidays. After working for one year, all employees are entitled to a paid annual leave of 5 days a year. The paid annual leave is extended as the length of service increases. Of course, employees can also enjoy a variety of statutory holidays and marriage leave maternity leave and so on, holiday, travel free!
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the company will hold afternoon tea activities, and have a birthday party every month to celebrate the birthdays of friends of the month, and give out gift CARDS. The company has special funds for staff dinner, outing, basketball, badminton and other cultural and sports activities, and organizes sports meeting and annual meeting every year. The company will issue movie tickets every quarter to enrich employees' spare time life. Regular employees who have been employed for more than one year can enjoy the travel activities organized by the company.
Anshengda pays attention to the balance between work and life of employees. Of course, good health is extremely important. All regular employees enjoy a free physical examination once a year.

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